Exposition mois de septembre Sarah Spencer

I am a British born artist living in the Languedoc Roussillon area of France. Coming from a family where art was important, my Great Grandfather, Ernest William Rudolph Spence, was an accomplished portrait and landscape painter. I have always painted and started painting with acrylics , then moved on to pen and inks and now work in oils.
I have had my work accepted at the Mall Galleries Royal institute of Oil Painters exhibition, taken part in several solo and mixed shows and exhibited in Bath, London , Bahrain and the Languedoc Roussillon area, France.
My current preferred subject matter is still life: often food – eggs, cakes, and cherries but also the reflections in silverware. I am most attracted to colour and light, especially playing with complementary colours and unconventional compositions.
I particularly like to meditate on this “Song of the Immaculate Path” by the seventh Dalai Lama :


« An image reflected in a mirror, a rainbow in the sky, and a painted scene
Make their impressions upon the mind, but in essence are other than what they seem
Look deeply at the world, and see an illusion, a magician’s dream »


Art is a very necessary part of my life and I am inspired by such artists as : Diarmuid Kelley, Carlos San Millan, Jeremy Mann, Charles Choi, Zoey Frank, Daniil Volkov and Maggie Siner.

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